The Hobbit Cast Know Their Dwarves

One of the best ways you can discern The Hobbit was originally written as a children's story is the first chapter. More then any other in the book, it is very fairy tale, and feels very much like something that might have been made up on the spot. The rest of the story, obviously having had more thought and detail put into it, elevate the narrative considerably, but the first chapter remains the best evidence of the Hobbit's humble beginnings.

And nothing exemplifies this more then the introduction of the dwarves (which is repeated with similar comedic effect when they encounter Beorn). The rhyming names, the paired arrivals. It's great fun to be sure, but not half as much fun as watching the actors from the Hobbit try to speed through them. While Martin Freeman nearly cussing at forgetting Fili and Kili is good, my favourite bit is James Nesbitt's immediate "this is the fellow you want right here" pass over to Aiden Turner.

Via The Mary Sue.
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