The Puppet Is His Penis

It must be nice to have famous friends. Or, friends at all. Or even just a lone bus rider willing to listen to a measured argument against The Dark Knight Rises. I suppose that what the internet is for...

Neil's Puppet Dreams is Neil Patrick Harris' web series on the Nerdist's Channel on YouTube, and it has everything you might expect, so long as what you expect is Neil Patrick Harris and puppets, in dream sequences. If you were expecting anything else, you should probably lower your expectations. And I mean for life in general, because clearly you are shooting for the moon when it comes to the inconsequential, I can only imagine what your dating profile must look like.

But nobody makes a penis joke better then Nathon Fillion, so I guess it's a good thing he's guest starring in this episode. Otherwise, he'd just be on the street corner, shouting innuendo at pedestrians. Which would be... pretty funny to see, now that I've thought of it. Can we make that happen? Can we make that a thing?

Via The Mary Sue.
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