This Seems Like It Will Hold Me Over...

I'd like to take a moment, in the shadow of this fourth season trailer for Justified, to talk about one aspect of the show I've always been pleased with. I mean, more then all the other parts. Like the hair, the hats, and the cavalier attitude towards shooting folks. I've always been impressed with Raylan's faithfulness to his lady-folk.

In season one, he was with Ava, until that ended. Then he was with Winona for a season and a half (give or take). I mention this because, at least at the start of this season, he is still with the bartender who proved her mettle while facing down Quarles last year. The instinct (no doubt because of the cultural influence of James Bond) is, when you have a bad ass character like Raylan Givens, who tends towards the violent and the boozy, to have his relationships be short, shallow, and callow. In fact, every character is steadfastly monogamous once they get in a relationship. Except Winona. I guess not everyone can be that good of a person. It is a credit to the writers for deciding to make the characters human, and interesting, instead of vacant repetitions of tired cliches we've seen a million times.

And that makes me happy.
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