... Until Winter Comes

So, now it begins in earnest. The cavalcade of promos, clips and set pictures. The avalanche of tremor inducing teasers, designed to reignite our now dormant jones for just a small, sweet taste of that medieval historical fantasy goodness. The twitch in the back of the eye when you remember the feeling, before you were forced to go cold turkey. The way that a slight hit makes you feel every hair on your head, and the crash and burn that comes after it wears off. The deal you make with the voices in your head, that even though you know it'll be over just as soon as it starts, it's going to be sooooo good, and it won't be like last time. This time you'll be able to deal with it, you'll be better this time. Stronger. But then the first licks of that theme start up and you're chasing the direwolf all over again.

116 days.

Via Topless Robot.
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