"You Say That Like There's Never Been A French Whore In The White House."

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they thought Anne Hathaway is the new Tom Hanks. Obviously, she lacks the trademark Hanks legs, so I asked for an elaboration. This person suggested that, like Hanks, Hathaway's career began in comedies, and is often humorous in interviews and non-film appearances. Yet the career has taken a steep turn into the almost depressingly dramatic. I thought on this for a time.

Hanks is easily one of the five most affable people in the world, and his ability to draw a laugh (see his epic Cloud Atlas press tour) seems almost effortless. Yes, Hathaway sings and dances. And she's often the best thing about the movies she appears in (Love and Other Drugs, Dark Knight Rises, etc). But I've never really thought of her as a "funny person." Funny or Die seems to want to change that perception, as she and Samuel L. Jackson hold a sad off over their Christmas films, Django Unchained, and Les Mis. Jackson is the clear victor, but Hathaway holds her own.

But I won't be convinced until she goes one-on-one with Stephen Colbert. That, like most things in life, is the ultimate test.

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