A Logical Mission

Leonard Nimoy has one of those voices that, aside from being instantly recognisable, commands respect. You believe what he is saying because it has that undefinable quality, the gravitas. Like Stephen Fry, or Morgan Freeman, even if he is saying something completely ridiculous. I used to love watching Ancient Mysteries, just to here him talk.

Here, he isn't talking nonsense. Here he's talking about NASA's Dawn mission, a craft designed to study Ceres and Vesta, two of the largest objects in the asteroid belt (technically protoplanets). Asteroids are very important things to understand, in part because they are largely the remains of the earliest formation of the solar system. But also because of future mining and other commercial possibilities, and because rogue pieces of rock represent the greatest stoppable space based danger to the planet, and our species, that is out there. We need to study them to know where we came from, where we might be going, and how to stop them from making us leave.

Via The Mary Sue.
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