Axe Cop For President

FOX has released another clip from their upcoming Axe Cop series, featuring yet another of the Ask Axe Cop segments that I hope will pepper the show like some kind of seed-based spice. Fennel, mayhaps. Anyhoo, in this rousing adventure, Axe Cop is President, and continues to be voice magnificently by Nick "Axe Swanson" Offerman. I love that his American flag pin is an American flag axe.

(As a complete aside, just yesterday I was saying that I don't feel that an American candidate could get elected today sporting facial hair. They'd have to shave it off before the campaign. Or during, in sort of crazy "shave for votes" nonsense.)

Remember kids, Axe Cop is the axe we can believe in. 

Via ComicsAlliance.
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