Being Human Continues To Showcase Not Humans

Last series, Being Human did something that, outside of a long running procedural show like Law & Order, or ER, no American show would ever do: it replaced it's entire cast. And I was glad of it, because after three years I thought the premise, or rather, the execution of the premise, had played itself out at bit. But by the end of year four, I was desperate for the new series to begin, having seen the original cast pack up, and replaced with different characters.

Yes, I was a little disappointed that they decided to stick with the exact same formula of werewolf + vampire + ghost, but at least these were new, exciting, yet to be explored monster mashers. And ones that didn't cause me to want to give myself dental work rather then listen to them whine for another hour (Annie...).

Being Human returns to BBC3 on February 3rd.
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