Celebrating 50 Years With An Out-Of-Date Technology

The last time I went to the post office to buy commemorative stamps, it was when the Royal Mail was honouring Magic in Fiction. I asked the postman if they had any. He said no. So, I asked if they had any of the ones that honoured A.A. Milne. He said sorry, they were fresh out. I asked if they happened to have any of the Wallace and Gromit ones. He said they'd sold their last one Tuesday. I asked if I had unexpectedly stumbled into a Monty Python sketch. He suggested I check the shop in Notlob.

With that in mind, I am excited that to announce that these exist, and depressed that I shan't actually be able to get hold of one, because the universe hates me that way. In honour of Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary (though I didn't see any 007 stamps, Royal Mail), up there are stamps honouring each and every Doctor, from One to Eleven. I like to pretend that the looks on their faces are their reactions to someone farting in a lift, especially Eight (my money is on either Six or Nine. Just look at them). Though it is a crime that the TARDIS herself is sharing space with young upstarts like the Angels, or the Ood, and not by her beautiful lonesome.

Oh, and I ended up getting a Corrie coin, for those interested.

Via Topless Robot.
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