Guillermo del Toro Fights Monsters, Finds Magic, And Worships Old Ones

One consistent thought I had while watching The Hobbit was how much I'd have liked to seen what Guillermo del Toro would have done with it. As I mentioned in my review, you can see many places, both in terms of set and creature design and in the tone of some scenes, that del Toro was still present. But I still would have liked to have seen him at the reigns.

We have to content ourselves with the half a hundred other projects he's associated with (and the reason he ultimately dropped out of the Hobbit). Such as At the Mountains Of Madness, one of the tentpole stories of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Del Toro was set to start production on a version of it starring tom Cruise, when the studio backed out. At the time del Toro claimed to be alright with the move, as Ridley Scott's Prometheus "more or less covered the same ideas." Flash forward to now, and del Toro has changed his tune. Prometheus made money, despite being horrible, which undoubtedly eases the studio's concern, and Tom Cruise is still very interested (and his interest alone can keep a film on life support). Del Toro has now adopted the opinion of "Lovecraft got there first," which pleases me to punch.

The question becomes, when exactly he intends on making it. He already has a lot on his plate, and has now added one more in the form of Dark Universe with DC Comics. The team based film will feature Swamp Thing, Deadman, The Spectre, both Zatanna and Zatara, and John Constantine (tine as in whine, not teen). Last August, when Warners announced the Justice League film, I made the argument that the Trenchcoat Brigade, or Justice League Dark, or the Book of Magic would be a smarter place to start building a cinematic DC universe, if only because it would immediately separate the DC films from Marvel through the use and acceptance of magic. DC apparently agrees, and has decided to develop this project alongside the Justice League film. This excites me, so much more so then the Justice League film ever will (mostly because I don't believe it will ever happen).

Amongst all the other questions, one has to wonder who Ron Perlman will play.
Via Den of Geek, and again.
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