Hockey Is Back, But Do I Care

It’s over: Deal to end lockout reached Sunday morning
The players (no actual players pictured)

So, the news is good for anyone who enjoys NHL hockey. The lockout is (will be) over.

My bad. When this began, I figured that was it, pack it in for the whole season. And to be fair, I stuck by that belief, while everyone else was fording the river optimistic. And in the end, it wasn't dedication to the fans, it wasn't a bi-lateral union of ideas, or a love of the game that brought them back. It was the threat of a multi-season crippling lawsuit, from which the sport would never recover. After a 16 hour bargaining session, both sides walked away (their general disposition at the time has not been recorded), and just like that, we have hockey again. Except, not really. The contract still has to be voted on by both sides, but it'll pass, because if either side is seen to be holding things up, they'll be hung, drawn and quartered by irate fans.

Of which I'm not one. Not right now. Current details suggest a 50ish game schedule starting as early as next week, with all games played within the conferences. But this isn't September. They aren't coming off training camp, and I no longer have a thirst for the game. What I have is a stone hearted apathy, that set-in sometime around October. I couldn't even muster any excitement for the World Juniors. The teams won't be playing as well as they might have coming off of last season, and the rinks certainly won't be as full (less so in those regions where the rinks are never full). Any tickets I had that weren't already wiped out will undoubtedly be invalidated, as they were mostly for out of conference teams, and those that aren't certainly won't be happening on the original schedule. And right now, I could care less. Give me my money back, and call it a season anyway. Chances are slim I'll be seeing a game in person this year, and chances are just as slim that I'll catch a game on TV. My enthusiasm had it's limits, and the lockout found them, and proceeded to beat them to a bloody pulp.

And for that, they'll receive a five month penalty where I just won't care what happens.
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