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From the LA. Times
I don't usually pay attention to film festival news, which you might think is odd for a cinephile. But really, if the film is worth seeing, and gets a release, I'll probably end up seeing it. And I don't want to bother with all the ego stroking that can accompany many film festivals, especially Sundance. But a piece caught my eye today, of a review of a film written, directed and starring Lake Bell, titled In A World..., cribbed from Don LaFontaine infamous movie trailer line. As one might expect, the film concerns voice over actors.

I have liked Bell since her days on Boston Legal, and have suffered through many romantic comedies based on her involvement alone (thanks for that, Bell). I've long been disappointed that someone as obviously funny as her never managed to break out of the "best friend" role in the majority of her films (though that may have more to do with Hollywood politics then Bell herself), with her biggest starring role to date being in the lamentable Surface series. Her work in Children's Hospital is a better showcase for her talents, and not surprisingly, many of her co-stars from the show have found their way into her debut film, about a woman trying to break into the largely male dominated world of voice overs. The reviews I've seen of it so far have been positive, criticising only a late film dip into melodrama, but makes up for it by being one of the few humorous entries in the festival this year, that don't also deal with sexual dysfunction.

I hope it finds a distributor, as I'm now very keen to see it.

Via /Film, and the LA Times.
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