Muppets Get Liotta, Retroactively Screwed

Ray Liotta has signed on for a role in the upcoming Muppets film, currently known as The Muppets... Again. No indication how big the role will be in the film, currently beginning production at Pinewood Studios, London. It will be his second time appearing with the Muppets, after a cameo in Muppets From Space, and the first actor to appear in two Muppets movies since Elliott Gould, in Movie and Manhattan.

In other news, I've long not giving the Academy Awards any sort of consideration. They are a relic of the old industry days, and receiving one is the farthest thing from an indication of actual achievement or quality. It is a miserly, self perpetuating ego machine that should be put down like a lame horse. Point in fact, last year, when the Muppets were nominated (and won) for Man or a Muppet (not the song from the film that should have been nominated, but anyway), Bret McKenzie and whatever Muppets that might have accompanied him, were not allowed to perform the song at the event. Robin Williams once sang a song about invading Canada at the Oscars, but the years the Muppets get a shot, suddenly the tedious, over-drawn snooze fest needs to save on air time.

I mention this because it was been announced that Adele will perform her nominated earworm Skyfall live this year, on top of whatever Hope and Crosby-style intro host Seth MacFarlane does. Last year, there were two nominees. This year, there are five, including one from Les Mis (an original, added I'd assume just so it could get nominated). Will they all be performed, or only Skyfall, possibly during the expected Bond tribute?

In any case, fuck you Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. You don't deserve the Muppets. They're better then you.

Via Den of Geek and Collider.

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