NBC Lies

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Specifically, Bob Greenblatt, who at the Television Critics Association Winter meeting said concerning Community, and I quote, "...absolutely hopeful it will lead to a fifth season. I'd love nothing more than to see it continue."

Which I guess explains why they've put the full force of the network behind promoting the series, getting out the word about the fourth season, which has been given all the respect the previous seasons have received, in terms of length, premier dates and creative control.

Or, what Greenblatt said was pure, unfiltered, baldfaced lies (everyone knows the truth has a beard). NBC wants to drown Community like an unwanted litter of kittens. If it weren't for the fact they want to get whatever money they can out of it, they never would have aired season four. Or, burned it off against something like the Oscars, or Princess Kate's first ultrasound. They want it, and everything else that is clever on their precious Thursday nights to die. They want to reorganise, to take "a broader approach to comedy" that will involve less "sophisticated" programmes. Which is a delicate way of saying they want to make comedies that are generic and base-oriented, that don't require thinking or a certain level of required intelligence to watch. They want to make dumb TV, which will pretty much fall in line with the rest of their schedule. They got rid of 30 Rock, will bury Community, and as sad as it makes me, once Office is gone, so too will Parks and Rec, as the combo of the two together was the only thing keeping Parks alive.

And once those shows are nothing more then memories on a DVD, I'll have no reason to watch NBC.

After the jump, my parting words to NBC, just as delicate and assuring as their's have been.

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