NBC Tries To Remain Relevant, Develops Western

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Actually, I'd like to see this one make it to series. NBC has order a pilot based on the comic series Sixth Gun. The book, created by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, and is very good, follows an assortment of characters drawn together by six mystical pistols in the old west. Among the major players are Becky, independent frontier's woman in possession of a pistol that reveals the future; Drake, anti-hero and former no-good-nick looking for redemption (and riches); and a host of supernaturally maintained villains seeking to find these pistols. The first issue can be read here. For those on the fence about it, it contains monks using a Gatling gun. I think I just made up your mind for you.

The idea of a mystical old west six-shooter is nothing new to TV, considering the Colt in Supernatural's early seasons, and the entire premise of the series Dead Man's Gun. Even the idea of a Sixth Gun series is nothing new, as Sy-Fy (an NBC family station) was interested in it back in 2011. The current version is being executive produced by Carlton Cuse (Nash Bridges, LOST), who once produced the Bruce Campbell steampunk western Adventures of Brisco Country, Jr., and written by Ryan Condal. I don't know, given NBC's track record (Heroes, The Event, Revolution, Grimm) if that network is where I'd want a Sixth Gun series.

Seems like an idea better suited for FOX. To cancel.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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