Red 2: Even Redder

I will confess, I still haven't seen Red. I meant to, but then didn't, then I remembered, but it was a Sunday night. Later, I watched Jurassic Park and remembered about half way through I meant to watch Red, but I wasn't going to turn off Jurassic Park. Nedry was about to get eaten. It's a highly satisfying part of the movie. Plus later, other stuff happens that is cool. Anyway, never saw Red. I'll watch it this weekend, I promise. I mean, I was probably going to see Gangster Squad, despite the reviews, but... you know what, I'm sure I'll find the time.

I therefore have no frame of reference for Red 2, other then Bruce Willis seems to be in every damned film suddenly. What I do have a reference for is that the film is directed by Dean Parisot, who directed Galaxy Quest and little else. And Quest is a fantastic film. It's one of those rare examples, much like last year's Cabin in the Woods, of a satire that is also an excellent example of the genre they are satirising.

So, what I'll do is watch Red, then maybe see Red 2. It's out in... August. OK, so I've got some time then.
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