Roger Rabbit Returns, In Word Form

I honestly don't know how I missed this, back when it was announced in December. Actually, I do know. It's obscure enough to have been missed by most, I'd think. It sure as hell took me by surprise.

Gary K. Wolf, author of Who Censored Roger Rabbit, the book which inspired the film (and personal favourite) Who Framed Roger Rabbit, will be releasing a third book in his Rabbit series, Who Wacked [sic] Roger Rabbit. According to the official release, the third book is timed for release around the 25th anniversary of the film, this November.

The new book will reunite Eddie Valiant, Roger and Jessica Rabbit, and Baby Herman. The plot concerns Eddie being hired as security on Roger's new film with Gary Cooper. It will be published exclusively as an ebook by Musa Publishing, whom Wolf has published with before. In the statement, Wolf said:

"I try to always be at the forefront of my craft. That includes the way my writing is presented to my readers. Digital publishing is clearly the future. It's the way books are headed, so I'm heading that way, too."
I'm a fan of the previous two books in the series. The original was set in contemporary times (early eighties), and featured comic strip characters who spoke in word bubbles that typed out what they spoke. It was a weird variation on the Private Eye genre, and gave us the film, so it deserves a certain respect. The second, Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit wasn't a sequel to either the film or the book, and you have to give Wolf credit for not completely jumping on the film's bandwagon. It placed the characters in the film's time, and had them act more like the characters in the film, but the comparisons largely end there. It was much more hard boiled and gratuitous then the film ever could have been, and among other things featured Jessica's six inch tall twin sister, who gets in a relationship with Eddie, with all the innuendo that goes along with such an arrangement. It's not as good as the first book, but still worth a read, if only for the "what the hell?" factor. And, because of the obscurity of them, the only way to get a copy is in digital format now, so I'm alright with Wolf taking his publishing in that direction.

I'll read it when it comes out this November. And I may even review it. And every day between now and then, I'll be shocked as all-get-out that it exists at all.

Via Gary Wolf.
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