Sci-fi Western. Where Have I Heard That Before?

Actually, that is completely unfair. Aside from a couple early shots in this trailer, there is very little similar between Firefly, and Syfy's new series Defiance, starting April 15th (with reviews on this site following soon after, because why not), otherwise known as the reason Jamie Murray wasn't on Warehouse 13 as a regular this past season. My hope is that this series, with a complex science fiction concept and a large number of characters with different and competing motivations will be a return to the sort of quality we got with Battlestar Galatica, and not say the sort of quality we got with these past seasons of the Warehouse 13 and Eureka. Or Alphas. Or anything on Syfy right now, really.

The only interesting thing I know about the series is it shoots on the largest film set ever built in Canada, in some warehouse in Toronto. So, there you go. The series also stars Julie Benz and Tony Curan, and will have a MMO game that ties into the series concurrently. So, Syfy is going broad concept on this one. Let's hope it pays off.

The makeup is reminding me of Earth: Final Conflict something awful though.
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