The Coens Get Inside Llewyn Davies

There are few directors that would convince me to sit down and watch a film about proto-hipsters being sad and discovering themselves after moving from New York to California. The Coens are, in fact, the only directors who would convince me to sit through that.

One of the things I like about the Coens is they'll make a clever, odd "money-maker" (No Country, True Grit), and immediately follow it with a clever, odd, usually a little more dramatic or message heavy independent film (A Simple Man, The Man Who Wasn't There). And one type is never better then the other (except The Ladykillers. Nobody can pitch a perfect game). Inside Llewyn Davies is most definitely the latter kind of film, but is does star John Goodman (whose hair in this trailer I am all about). And aside from being a bit pretentious, I know that the Coens never take themselves as seriously as this trailer suggests.
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