The Song Of Ice And Fire Gets Another Verse

George R.R. Martin has announced the release of a new chapter in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Hoor...wait, what?

It's not the unexpectedly early release of the Winds of Winter? It's a novella you say? O...k. It will appear in the forthcoming Danger Women anthology. Fair enough, it's probably the new Dunk & Egg short. No? Oh, what then? The Princess and the Queen. What is that? A "true (mostly) story of the origins of the Dance of the Dragons." Oh, nifty. But, wouldn't Dance of the Dragons have been a better title? He couldn't use it, you say. Because he already called the fifth full length novel in the series Dance of Dragons, despite it having nothing to do with the historical era of Westeros when the duelling female Targaryen heirs were locked in a bloody civil war that nearly wiped out the entire house, and signalled the end of the time of Dragons in Westeros, and permanently introduced a generational misogyny to the bloodline? Well, that was foolish of him.

I'm actually really excited about this, because I am enamoured with the deep history of Westeros. With the exception of the dragons, the history Martin has created feels much more real then anything, say Tolkien, invented. Maybe because Tolkien's has a deliberate biblical quality to it, while Martin's feels ripped from a textbook (which, to be fair, is probably because the majority of Westeros history is cribbed from English history). So I am all for learning more about certain periods in greater detail. Dance of Dragons, Summerhall, the Blackfyres, all periods that deserve elaboration.

That being said, don't get distracted, George. You got work to do.

Via The Mary Sue.
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