This Is Our World, But They Are Welcome To It

I can't help but feel there is a lost opportunity in this Game of Thrones Season 3 teaser. I like the concept, but wouldn't it have been more effective to see the raven flying through the various landmarks of our world, only to start flying through the landmarks of theirs. The ruins of Winterfell, Harrenhal, Kings's Landing. And the three eyed bird is a pretty obscure reference for the show (not readers of the book, we get the importance). But it hasn't been seen since season one.

Still, the teaser manages to set up both Bran's storyline (the raven) and the event that readers know is coming and that I'm not going to spoil, by having that haunting version of the National's Rains of Castamere playing over it all. And it does it all without showing a single frame of new content. Damn you HBO.

A storm approaches, and it isn't winter (though that too, you may have heard, is coming).
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