A Strange New Trend In Spoilers

The second trailer for Iron Man 3 has arrived, and it seems less gloomy then the first. Like, if these trailers were the stages of grief, the first would have been depression, and this one would be anger. 'Cause stuff explodes, and Tony gets pissed. Also, Pepper looses her clothes. Which brings me to what I actually want to talk about.

Really, this has only been a thing for maybe the past year or so. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. But with the multiple contracts Lego has been signing for licensed materials, a brand new form of spoiler has emerged. Yes, just when we though there weren't any more ways to ruin movies, along comes Dutch toys to prove us wrong.

The first major incident I can think of wasn't so long ago, when the announcement of the Man of Steel Lego sets revealed that one set would be named "Black Zero Escape," thus calling into question if the villain of the film actually would be Zod. The confirmation that the Mandarin would be the main villain of Iron Man 3 came via a Lego set as well. And now they may have done it again.

I'm putting the rest after the jump, in case there are those who don't want to know something excellent, but potentially spoilery.

I've long been an advocate that the third, and more then likely final, Iron Man film needs to include Pepper Potts' armoured alter ego, Rescue. So, as it happens, is Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr., Shawn Black and Kevin Feige. And they hold slightly more sway over what will happen in Iron Man 3 then me (if you use slightly in a vastly underexaggerated way). To me it just seems like the natural evolution of the narrative. And would be awesome. I mention this because this appeared:

This is apparently a photo of the box art for the "Malibu Mansion Attack" set, otherwise known as that bit in the trailer where Tony's house explodes, and there is a large bunny. What makes it stand out is that Pepper's head is clearly in the Iron Man suit, while Tony plummets to his doom. It is important to note that it is just Pepper's head, and not a specifically designed Rescue female Lego body, just the standard Iron Man bits. So, this could be a con. Or it could be a weird bit of misdirection on Lego's part. Or it could be verification of the inclusion of Rescue.

I'm hoping for option three. And considering the sheer number of suits in that final moment of the trailer, why couldn't Rescue be in there.

Via The Mary Sue.
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