Did He Eat The Spider-Pig?

The folks at Bad Lip Reading are back, and have tackled what I thought was a terrible (or at least pointless) enough film to warrant no holds barred treatment: The Amazing Spider-man. And they've hit it out of the park. This is at least as good as the Twilight sessions they've done, with the same level of overly dramatic expression for underly dramatic things. And, I never realised how often Emma Stone fails to entirely close her mouth. So... thanks for that.

Next week I'm on holiday, which is for the best, because coming up in the next couple months we're going to have the returns of Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Warehouse 13, the premieres of Defiance and Hannibal, the releases of Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, and I've completely run out of ideas for featured content. So, I'm taking a week to relax, and get the creative juices flowing again. To fill in the time, every day I'll be highlighting a short film from the past year.

So, it won't be a complete waste of time, just a nearly complete waste of time.
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