Doctor Who Is As Cold As Ice

So, this is the new, movie style poster image for the return of Doctor Who, at the end of the month. It follows the tradition of the rest of the series 7. While teasing the whole series conclusion, it specifically teases the first episode, the Steven Moffat written The Bells of St. John (interestingly, this is the second time the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons will have been referenced by the show in as many years, with Toby Whithouse's The God Complex being the first. Coincidence or clue?).

Look closely at the shards of whatever it is the Doctor is driving that motorbike over, and you can glimpse some of the foes the Doctor will be facing. In the upper left quadrant is an eyeless fellow in a hat, below him is a snarling beastie. Just off the right side of the bike is a... thing that is sure to be the new Moffat-created villains, the Spoonheads. And if you look very closely, you can see the confirmation and redesign on this season's returning Classic Who baddie, The Ice Warriors.

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I've not had a problem with any of the resigns of any Classic villains, save the Cybermen, since the series returned. I love the look of the Sontarans, and think the Silurians are brilliant. The consistency of the redesigns is what makes them work, without as much... um, duck tape and cellophane as might have previously been used. And these early images of the Ice Warriors look cracking. It remains to be seen how well they work on screen when they appear for the first time since 1974, in Mark Gatiss' The Cold War.

The Spoonheads, apparently having something menacing to do with Wi-Fi (oh, Moffat. Looking for terror in the everyday), look to be a continuation of the stark robotic design the series has been favouring since it's regeneration, joining the likes of the robo-Santas from the Davies era Christmas special, The Girl Who Waited hand-bots, and the anti-bodies from the Tesselector.
The two unknowns. At first I thought the fellow up top was a Sycorax, but no, he's clearly not. I like the way the eyeless gentlemen dresses though.

An old friend, known to be appearing in the Neil Gaiman scripted, Warwick Davies starring The Last Cyberman.

So there you go. A series of fiends to look forward to. And not a Silence in sight. Or was there?

Via Den of Geek, Geek Native, and the Radio Times.
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