Doctor Who Teases While Sherlock Begins

The BBC have released a new trailer for the coming series of Doctor Who, set to start on Saturday March 30th. One day before Game of Thrones returns. And a couple weeks before the end of Justified. So, there is going to be some creative arranging of reviews on the site for the month of April. I'm sure it will all work out...

In other Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss news, Sherlock series 3 has started filming, meaning that Benedict Cumberbatch has found some time off from appearing in every other damned thing, and Martin Freeman has a couple months before he has to start flogging the next Hobbit film. You may remember that this year's content clues were Bow, Wedding, Rat. Well, take from that what you will, because Gatiss has revealed the first episode of the series will be called... The Empty Hearse.


Via Den of Geek.
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