Doctorless Doctor Who Short Explains Why The Clone Was Hanging Out With The Lizard Last Christmas

Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax will, by the end of this series of Doctor Who, have appeared in four non consecutive episodes, which I'm fairly certain makes them the most reoccurring, non-companion characters the show has had since the return (or alternatively, puts them in the running for possible companion status). The fans love the lesbian lizard lady, her domestic partner, and their potato-headed assistant, and have done so from moment one. While I felt that they weren't well used in the Snowmen, the prequel shorts were very good, and have proven so yet again in this explanation of how Strax went from being dead at the end of the Battle of Demon's Run, to alive in the 1880's at Christmas (a distracting plot hole at the time). This short just goes to show, never count a Sontaran out, especially when they aren't entirely dead.

After their initial appearance, I like many others called upon Mr. Moffat and the BBC to give the characters a spin off of their own. I'm now rethinking this position, and calling on Mr. Moffat and the BBC to give the characters their own series of internet exclusive shorts. I feel the characters (and their humour) would work better in the shorter format (it is certainly where they have shone the brightest thus far), and the shorts could be serialised like Who was back in the day. Nothing says happy 50th anniversary like reptilian lady detectives and their paramours.

Oh, or, have them cross-over with Ripper Street.
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