Ice, Ice, Baby

Earlier this week, the BBC teased us with a fleeting glance of the redesign of the classic Doctor Who villains-turned-allies, the Ice Warriors. Now, they've treated us to a full, unobstructed look at the redesigned creatures, and it is impressive. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind after I've seen them in action, but it, like the other non Cyberman redesigns, does what it needs to: updating the old design with modern feel and construction, while maintaining the presence of the original. More important in my mind is consistency of design, something they've taken to such extremes with the Silurians that every female of that species has been played by the same actress.

Come April, we'll see how the Ice Warriors have fared in the forty years since they last appeared, in Mark Gatiss' Cold War.

See the new look on an old face, after the jump.

Oh, yes!

It certainly has more the look of armour then the original, which could have been (and occasionally was) mistaken for just their skin. As useless as they would be, I like the exposed joints, and the clearly separated plates. And that they have fingers instead of the Lego-like pincers. And red tinted frames in the helmets. Because they're from Mars, see. And Mars is red...

I'm sure there is a better reason then that.

Via Den of Geek.
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