I'm Beginning To Suspect This Will Suck

NBC's Hannibal seems to be having issues making any sort of sense. This new trailer, coming on the heels of the last, gives us a better look at the series. Confusing thing #1: this promo isn't from NBC, but from the production company presumably that doing the series (presumably). Confusing thing #2: despite being listed as a recurring character, Lawernce Fishburne is given first credit, and the lion's share of the footage, over protagonist Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and title character Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelson). Confusing thing #3: the series still doesn't look like anything other then a standard police procedural, dressed up in a recognisable franchise, and therefore qualifies as "nothing special." Confusing thing #4: Hugh Dancy appears to be playing Graham as a kind of semi-hipster. Either that, or he's just really sad about all the terrible dialogue.

I do like the idea that Lecter is brought in, not to consult on the case, but to provide therapy to Graham. That is a clever, original twist on the tired plot device, and I chalk that up to Bryan Fuller. However, the series does appear to be at odds with the depictions of Graham in the past, who is only messed up and needs to be brought back into the FBI after his dealings with Lecter.

Oh, and I'm fairly certain that if this lasts long enough, Caroline Dhavernas is going to get eaten by Lecter. I'm putting that out there now.
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