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Fast fact: before he settled on animatronics and, as a late edition, digital creations, Steven Spielberg was going to make Jurassic Park using stop motion maquettes. Why? Because that was the only way to do it, and was the only way dinosaurs had been done on film since King Kong.

And I have to say, I doubt the film would have been as successful, as beloved, and warrant an IMAX 3D release for the 20th anniversary if the dinosaurs had been rendered as lumps of clay (personal aside: I'm a huge fan of stop frame animation, and am certain that Spielberg and Universal would have put the money into making the very best dinosaurs using that sort of effect, it just wouldn't have looked as good). A huge part of the film's legacy is that the dinosaurs didn't look like puppets, they looked like real (as science understood them at the time). They still look real. Spielberg has said he wasn't interested in making monsters, he wanted to make animals. And that is all down to Stan Winston, and the wizards that worked for him.

Since early last year, the Stan Winston Studio has been posting videos of the creation of the dinosaurs for the original Jurassic Park. And they've continued to post videos of Jurassic Park, and other Winston projects. And they are fascinating to watch, see how these amazing effects are brought to life. And thus comes to surface another of my hesitations about a potential 4th film in the series. Because they don't have the time to do all this. To actually make the animals, in the shop, so that they can be a real and physical presence in the film. So they will have to (over) rely on modern CG, as JP3 did with the Spinosaur, which looked good, but it lacked the essence that the T-rex had in the first two films, by benefit of actually being on set with the actors most of the time. Remember, in the original, CG was sparse because Jurassic Park was the first film to use it in that way. It was also expensive and time consuming. Not so much now, but the speed in which CG can be created also means it is less refined then when it was a back breaking labour, and thus looks real when done quickly. Even the puppetry in JP3 looked stilted and lifeless, because they knew they were going to rely more on the CG then anything.

Best looking puppet in the third film? The T-rex, because they just reused the Lost World original.

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