McCoy Gets A Line In, Chekov Still Trapped In A Jefferies Tube

After a year of doing this, I've gotten used to taking a week off and coming back to a pile of news, announcements, and other things I might have been interested in writing about at the time. So, I usually spend a day of so sifting through this pile of largely timely crap, and cobbling together various catch up posts. This time... not so much. As far as I can see, very little happened last week. Nothing major. Nothing Earth shattering. Nothing that broke my RSS feed. And I'm alright with that.

Just before I took off, Marvel revealed the Iron Man 3 trailer, and it looks like Paramount dropped this second trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness early in the week. It's interesting that, while the first was all about establishing plot and atmosphere, this one contains almost no plot points. Comprised mostly of footage from the nine minute sneak peek IMAX Hobbit viewers got, it is all about the action, and the humour. And I have no problem with that. McCoy being disgruntled, Scotty being jittery, and Spock telling jokes is something I can very much get behind. It also established that Admiral Pike wasn't permanently paralysed at the end of the last film, so yay lower motor control!

Also last week, it was revealed that Peter Weller's character will be playing Carol Marcus (Alice Eve)'s father, a character who is playing an auxiliary role in the comic prequel Countdown To Darkness. This does little to establish any concrete about the film, other then Kirk already knows something about this guy going into the film.
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