Much Ado About Something

Now, I'll admit to a certain level of bias here, because I always have a goofy grin on my face whenever I see a trailer for a new adaptation of Shakespeare. But the grin was just that much goofier after watching this, the first real look at Joss Whedon's black and white, modern-with-source-dialogue, filmed at his home with friends during a break on Avengers adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. The trailer is a little... off (a little close to the insanity of the Great Gatsby trailer for my tastes), but the performances look great. Always good to see Clark Gregg on the screen, and it's nice to see the Whedon regulars getting work.

But I swear to gods, if this film doesn't make Amy Acker the leading lady she deserves to, I will single handedly find everyone who fails to hire her and white wash their face with my fist (a metaphor that fails to hold up due to my possible future rage).

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