Statistically, He's Pretty Much Even At Being The Best At What He Does

This first full trailer for The Wolverine has a real Batman Begins vibe to it, especially the opening narration. Not that its a bad thing, there are worst things to attempt to emulate. But I'm a little off put by how many times in this trailer Jean Grey appears, if only because it forces us to remember that X-Men 3 remains a thing that happened. At least until Bryan Singer gets through with his latest X-Film.

The rest of the trailer looks solid, though like its original spiritual predecessor, X-Men Origins, the "epic" fight sequences look like they'll be relying too heavily on CG that isn't as spectacular as they think it is. I'm looking at you, train top fight sequence. You and your lack of Alfred Molina in a trench coat.

But gods damn if Jackman still doesn't still look and act perfect in the role.
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