The Bells Of St. John Prequel

Matt Smith is very good a playing manic Doctor. However, I much prefer his angry Doctor myself. Recently, sad Doctor has been getting a lot of play, and Smith does a very good job of it as well. Especially when when children are involved, as children more then anything tend to get 11 out of his funks. My only issue is that his funks are getting a bit... tiring? I mean, I get it. Nearly 1200 years old, and everyone around you keep dying, but at a certain point there is character drama, and there is pointless repetition.

I mean, how many times this regeneration has the Doctor retired, given up, never going to do it again? Two? Three times, maybe? Lets say we get this, he's a deep and conflicted soul, and move on to a new bit of characterisation, shall we?

So, the Prequel for the Bells of St. John has appeared, and there is something I want to say about it, but it is absolutely a spoiler, so I've put it after the jump, along with a new full trailer for the premiere episode.

I'm glad that the reveal at the very end wasn't in the episode proper, because it already has too much of a feel of Amy's story. Certainly she was the girl who waited, and Clara is apparently the girl who was meant to be, but there is absolutely more ways to introduce a new companion they to have them encounter the Doctor when she was a young girl. Once is clever. Twice is pushing it. Don't even try it a third time.

Anyway, as promised, here is the trailer for this Saturday's premier.

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