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Remember when the first trailer for season 3 of Game of Thrones was released last week? Remember when I commented that HBO has held off from releasing a lot of the same recut footage like they did last year, and yay for them? Well, I spoke too soon, because here's a second trailer! That is just the first trailer! Plus 20 seconds, and a bear! No, not a Mormont, an animal called Little Bart. And that's it.

In fact, in terms of new information, Charles Dance revealed more at a press junket for the Season 2 DVD, when he said:
“We’re about to start season four aren’t we? This year. We get scripts pretty early on, much earlier on than in similar series, usually you get perhaps one episode and you just have to trust that what’s going to come in subsequent episodes is going to be as good as the one you’ve got, but in this I think there are six scripts already written, and we will probably be able to see them with more than adequate time to prepare before we start shooting."
Now, HBO has went on the defencive and made it very clear that the show has not been renewed for a fourth season. Except that it will be. Obviously. Right now, they are making stupid amounts of money off one of the most watched, most pirated, most critically acclaimed shows of the decade. But they wanted to be the ones to let the cat out of the bag. Or the bear out of the pit. Or whatever.

As a writer, I can understand why some of the scripts might be done already, especially if Weiss and Benioff wrote them themselves. The book is split into two seasons, but the themes, the character arcs, they are all still ongoing. As a writer, in the groove, it might be easier to just keep writing, and bring the characters to various stages of conclusion while they are in the proper state of mind.

And like I said, it's not like the scripts are going to go to waste. At least, not right away (more on that later).

Via Den of Geek and The Mary Sue.
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