[Video] - The Girl Is Mime

The Author is on holidays for the week. So, in the place of the standard features - poorly spelt ravings about "character development," forced metaphors, and a tendency to over-use the word "actual" - enjoy some short films found around the web, created by those with actual talent. See, there he goes again.

The 48 Hour Film Project is an interesting experiment. A crew is given a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre on Friday, and by Monday are required to hand in a finished product. The Girl Is Mime is from Tim Bunn, and stars The Hobbit and Sherlock star Martin Freeman as a Mime. The entire short is silent (the assigned genre) and darkly funny, and an excellent way to finish off the week.

Next week I'm back, and I'll make up for the episode of Justified I missed.
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