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The Author is on holidays for the week. So, in the place of the standard features - poorly spelt ravings about "character development," forced metaphors, and a tendency to over-use the word "actual" - enjoy some short films found around the web, created by those with actual talent. See, there he goes again.

Kerry Conran made what is, for my money, the only good Superman film anyone has been able to get out there. And that was Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Seriously. Sky Captain is Sups, Polly is Lois, Dex is Jimmy, CGI Laurence Olivier is Lex, and Angelina Jolie is shoehorned in. Or, Lady Blackhawk, whichever. As an adaptation of Superman in the style of the Fleischer cartoons, it leaves the Christopher Reeves and Bryan Singer films in the dust. It's only flaw is that it isn't actually a Superman film. But we can't all be perfect.

Not many people talk about Sky Captain anymore, but I'm a big fan. And it's always puzzled me why Conran didn't explode into the studio system, like fellow CG user Zack Synder did. Conran got caught up in the development hell that was John Carter, but has yet to produce a follow up to his feature debut. So, I was excited when his latest short, Gumdrop, a Forrest Gump-style audition tape for a leading lady robot, appeared online. Gumdrop, voiced by visual effects artist Venti Hristova, is adorable and genuine, and I for one would love to see her appear on the big screen.

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