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The Author is on holidays for the week. So, in the place of the standard features - poorly spelt ravings about "character development," forced metaphors, and a tendency to over-use the word "actual" - enjoy some short films found around the web, created by those with actual talent. See, there he goes again.

Bob Iger's recent announcement that Disney is all but abandoning feature length hand drawn animation comes at an odd time, since their hand drawn-hybrid short Paperman won the Oscar for best animated short recently. And fully deserved it. A rare bastion of acknowledgement of quality, over the usual Academy Award nonsense (really, Academy? Brave over ParaNorman?). It's the first product of Disney Animation in quite some time that I fully enjoyed. That seemed like it had a soul instead of a bottom line. If Disney put as much heart into a film as they did this short, as Pixar does on a regular basis, they'd have a successful film again. And that film really should be hand drawn.

Seriously though, guy needs a paperweight.
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