[Video] - To Be Loved & Understood

The Author is on holidays for the week. So, in the place of the standard features - poorly spelt ravings about "character development," forced metaphors, and a tendency to over-use the word "actual" - enjoy some short films found around the web, created by those with actual talent. See, there he goes again.

In the past year, Patton Oswalt has appeared along side Bruce Campbell on Burn Notice, Timothy Olyphant on Justified, and will shortly appear next to Nick "Axe Swanson" Offerman on Parks and Rec, and Jeff Daniels on The Newsroom. This of course follows up roles in Ratatouille, United States of Tara, Young Adult and his hugely successful career as a stand up. He is a master storyteller rather then a clown, and this miny documentary, To Be Loved & Understood, explores that.

Like Simon Pegg, he is a voice for his generation's counter culture, which as it turns out is geek culture. He's one of the loudest voices helping to turn that counter culture into the prevailing culture. At this point I don't think it's an if, but rather a when that Marvel will cast him in one of their films (forget Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey, Oswalt is your perfect Rocket Raccoon).
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