When In Doubt, Puppet

Community this season has not been very good. It's ratings are down so low that even if NBC had faith in the show, it would still be cancelled, but worse then that, whatever quality the show had before is completely gone. Clearly, Dan Harmon injected a lot of the tone of the show himself. The characters seem like widdled down versions of themselves, the plots and writing seem sitcom standard, and they are wasting opportunity after opportunity. I have laughed out loud exactly once since the season began (at Abed's whispered "I hate you" at the end of the terrible Inspector Spacetime episode). The best thing that can be said about this year is that clearly the reason Chevy Chase left early was because this season's motto is "we hate Chevy." Every line directed at Pierce has been the worst sort of mean, meaner then in previous years where at least Pierce fought back. But they don't give Chevy anything to do but take it.

Are you happy, Community? You made me feel sympathetic for Chevy Chase!

Anyway, considering that the series has done entire episodes in claymation, 8-bit pixels and alternate realities, that this season will include a change of format offering isn't surprising. And they went with the best, safest choice: puppets. Everyone loves puppets (except those that don't, and those that are terrified of them). I doubt at this point I need to point out my affection for the Muppets, but Angel did a puppet episode which was fantastic.

Of course, Community doesn't have a Whedon at the helm, so we'll see how it goes.

Via the Mary Sue.
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