Whose Line Returns? Yup

Did not see this coming. Any of the this.

Whose Line Is It Anyway is returning to TV, six years after it was cancelled by ABC. The new show will air on the CW this summer, and will feature the return of stars Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie (Stiles and Mocherie were also regulars on the original BBC version, which ran for ten years). The only original star of the show not returning will be the host, Drew Carey, because he is dead.

He's not really dead, he's just skinny, and busy with The Price Is Right over on CBS. But he's skinny, and makes me uncomfortable, and like Craig Ferguson, just want fat Drew back. Replacing him in the host's seat will be Archer star Aisha Tyler, a choice I fully approve of. Unfortunately, a lot of the best (and lasting) humour on the show was the constant mocking of Drew by the guests, and somehow I doubt Ryan Stiles will be as aggressive against Tyler (alternatively, in the British series, Craig Anderson was rarely mentioned by the guest at all, so it could go either way). I saw the entire group sans Drew live on tour back during the height of the show's popularity, and while slightly more awkward then the edited episodes, it was still very funny.

I, like most people, loved Whose Line, both versions at the time, but because a lot of the humour is topical, some episodes this many years later just don't hold up (the sheer number of jokes that rely on Regis Philban hosting Who Wants to Be A Millionaire alone cuts the laughs in half). Now, obviously the new show will rely on current topical laughs, and will hold up just as well in another decade. Luckily, the absurdity and jokes like "Animal Genitalia Audio Clips" are timeless.

Via The BBC.
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