You Know What Would Be Epic? Dragon Vs. Kraken

I'm not usually a fan of things being described as "epic." Aside from the modern, internet-driven overuse of the word, it like awesome, are rarely used appropriately. They are words that carry heft, and should be left holstered until all other adjectives fail to properly describe whatever it is you happen to be prattling on about. I'm especially leery when it is used in advertising, because it means the producers of the thing have decreed that their product is such, rather then having that epithet given to them by the masses.

That being said, I think it is an appropriate way to describe Game of Thrones. And this second full trailer for the new season, premiering on the ever so close March 31st, does look to be bringing the epic. So long as HBO remembers that even great things on high perches fall just as fast as small things.
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