Alison Brie Makes Me Feel Better

My bad, really. I was all primed to rip into the WB and DC about some comments they made about Man of Steel, and then yesterday happened, and the bluster kind of drained out of me. It'll come back to me by tomorrow, when I feel that complaining about a movie actually matters again. Right now, I'm just kind of funky and all bummed out.

So, to make up for it, here is a video of Alison Brie recreating internet memes with her face. I don't know what these "memes" are, but I know what an "Alison Brie" is, and so help if she doesn't become a A-list movie star as soon as Community gets cancelled, then there really is no justice in the world. She is adorable! Dammit!

See, the ol' bluster is coming back already.

Via The Mary Sue.
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