BBC Announces Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Details

Him again...

I hesitated to post any of this stuff yesterday, until I was reasonably certain all of it was true, and not just another in a long string of Doctor Who related April Fool's Day jokes (I really, really hate that day). And honestly, I'm blaming the BBC, for announcing this stuff on or around April 1st at all. I mean, that is troll logic if I have ever seen any. Announce big, fantastic news on the one day of the year in which the validity of said announcements would most be called into question.

Anyway, to the news. Which is big, big news. And on which I have opinions. Which are all after the jump.

OK, so the banner image made the first bit of news a bit obvious: David Tennant, aka 10, will be returning to the series for the 50th anniversary special, thus making it a multi-Doctor episode, in keeping with the time honoured traditions of the show. Not only that, but Billie Piper will also be returning as Rose (for what has to be the half dozenth time), so that places their timeline somewhere in the second series of the revival. It also continues the trend of the Doctors showing up with their most notable companions (see everyone in the Five Doctors, and 2 and Jamie in the Two Doctors). Tennant is thus far the only confirmed former star to be returning, but as you no doubt notice, Piper is not in the above photo, taken at the first read through of the script. So, more may yet come.

Of all the characters to bring back, 10 and Rose are the most obvious, being the most recent to have any sort of deep cultural association (on par with 4 and Sarah Jane, and undoubtedly 11 and Amy). However, because they are so recent and so well known, I feel they are also the least necessary. And I'm not just saying that because I hate the character of Rose with a fiery passion that goes unmatched on this or any other Earth. And I'm not just saying that because without including 8 the whole endeavour will be an exercise in futility that will burn itself into the annals of lost opportunities, to be mourned over by grieving alternate universes created via the multiple worlds theory, only to be snuffed out moments after their creation due to an aggressive application of the uncertainty principle. I swear I'm not.

Also confirmed are Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page, and screen legend John Hurt in unspecified roles (Hurt would make a cracking Celestial Toymaker though, wouldn't he?). And, in perhaps the biggest and happiest announcement, the baddies of the day will be the fan favourite Zygons. For those unfamiliar, they look like this:

The Zygons always top the list of former villains that should be brought back, they surely did my own such list. Part of this is because they appeared in only one episode, but had such amazing potential, and considering how often less effective villains returned, it was just odd that the Zygons have never managed more then the occasional shout out. But, it also calls into doubt the roles of any former cast members returning to the show, while also providing a possible explanation for why some of the older actors would look... well, old. The Zygons were shape shifters, you see. Meaning that Tennant and Piper and whomever else might appear might not be all they appear to be.

Now that Moffat and the BBC are actually releasing details, and that filming is meant to be getting under way, no doubt we will be treated to a trickle of new announcements, official confirmations and possibly even a glimmer of footage to finish off this current series with.

Via Den of Geek. Several times.
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  1. I'm assuming you don't mind potential spoilers but David and Billie were seen on set, and there are pictures making the rounds that suggest Ten's TARDIS was there as well as Eleven's.

    That said, someone suggested that Rose might show up as Nine's companion instead of Ten's (Christopher Eccleston's involved hasn't been confirmed yet, but I am very hopeful) anyway, a very early rumor from last year stated that every former Doctor would be involved with Chris being the most reluctant one so, fingers crossed!

    1. Set pictures have also suggested a solution to whom exactly Joanna Page is playing. Thing is, I don't like reporting rumours, which is why I haven't mentioned all the various "I'm in it/I'm not" quotes that everyone attached to the show has given (including Tennant and Piper) over the past few months. Official confirmations are what make me giddy with joy.

      That being said, with the Zygons in the mix, until the episode airs, I won't give up on my theory that not everyone will be who they seem to be. And that includes any other Doctors that might get involved.