Because Renaming Earth "Tartarus" Would Have Been Too On The Nose

I was a fan of District 9 when it was first released. But I've grown less and less charmed with it with each subsequent viewing, to the point where I'm not inclined to see it again, lest my initial opinion degrade entirely. It was with this in mind that I avoided most news about Neill Blomkamp's follow up, Elysium. I'm still not 100% on what it is about District 9 that is eroding my once pleasant thoughts, and I didn't want them to colour my first impressions of this film, starring Matt Damon.

And those first impressions? It looks good, and I mean that literally. I have no idea if the story will hold together, but like District 9, the special effects look impeccable. I don't understand, if the current level of technology can generate this kind of special effect (or those in District 9, which was made for considerably less money), how we still get CG that looks absolutely awful. I mean, The Hobbit didn't look as good as this trailer.

I'm a sucker for a sci-fi story, so I'll see Elysium. But that's no guarantee I'll like it.
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