Forget About Winter, Darkness Is Coming

The release of what Paramount is insisting will be the last trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness before the May 17th release has made me realise something: I'm very excited about this film. I knew I was looking forward to it, but the three full, proper trailers have managed to take this lapsed trekker and reignite something inside me that hasn't been active in years.

Maybe its Robocop playing an admiral, maybe its the image of a bunch of Klingons getting their asses handed to them by Cumberbatch, maybe its the fact that according to this trailer, Cumberbatch is in possession of a ship the shape and size of the Enterprise E. Maybe its because these trailers have looked exciting and funny and sad all at once, but I'm at the point now where thinking about the film makes me involuntarily smile, which is a sign of good things because I rarely voluntarily smile, even when I'm happy.

So clearly, this film has wormed itself way into my brain and is controlling simple muscle function. I don't appreciate that, and I will be writing J.J. Abrams a letter to that effect, but in the mean time I want the next month to fold up on itself so I can on the other side of things, and see this damned film. 

Screw "I Believe In Harvey Dent," I Believe In Jim.
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