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At WonderCon over the weekend, Collider had the opportunity to sit down with Clark Gregg and discuss the economic eccentricities of developing nations, compared to the larger, broader, less defined super-economies... they talked about SHIELD. They talked about how awesome Coulson was, and how SHIELD is, and how Joss always will be.

It's a great chat, and Gregg is obviously in love with his character and with the idea of playing him for hopefully years. A couple things: he specifically mentions, and I think it might be the first official confirmation, that SHIELD takes place post-Avengers, which means Coulson will be returning from the dead (though I'm still of the mind that he never died really at all). Second, he specifically mentions the ensemble of the series cast, which is important. Whedon's works are all ensembles, and work best when the entire cast of characters are functioning together as a unit. Buffy was at it's worst when the characters were working separately, Angel only really worked once the cast was fully filled out, and Firefly... well, is Firefly. And each one of those ensembles was centred around a strong well written, fully rounded leader. Which Coulson has proven to be.

I'll tell you what, I'm more excited about SHIELD then I am about any of the films of Marvel's Phase 2.

Via Collider.
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