I Called It! Also, There Is A New Batman Game

A while back, when Warner Bros announced 15 possible titles for the new Batman: Arkham game, I said that there were only three real possibilities from that list, and I was right on the money, in that one of the three turns out to be the new title. And, despite none of the internet thinking it was possible in such a short period of time, the new game will be released this year, as Warner Bros suggested in February.

On October 25th of this year, Batman: Arkham Origins will be released to Xbox, PS3, WiiU and PC, with a 2.5D version called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the 3DS and Vita.

The reason that the game is able to be released so quickly? Rocksteady, the company that made the first two games, isn't producing this title. That privilege goes to WB Games Montreal, who as they say in the video above, have big shoes to fill. Arkham Asylum might well be a perfect game, and is certainly the best Batman game ever (I give it points above City because, like the best versions of Batman, it is continuity-less). I have no problem with a company shift, so long as they are able to maintain the level of quality, both in terms of game play and in story.

No further details were announced other then it takes place on Christmas Eve at some point before the first game, and that it isn't an interactive version of Batman Begins. No voice cast or creative teams have been announced, though we can surely expect them in the coming weeks. What we do know is that Paul Dini isn't writing it, which is disappointing, and Mark Hamill won't be reprising his iconic role of the Joker. We don't even know if the Joker is even in the game, the only released art work being a shot of Slade Wilson being all swordy. My preference would be to focus on villains the series hasn't featured yet, and leave the Joker alone. He did his good works, let have someone else take a stab at the Bat. The game will also expand on the open world concept of the previous games, with a non ghettoised version of Gotham, in the snow(!), to be explored.

As I said before, I feel the best route to go in any followup to City would be to explore more of the Bat Family and their dynamics. We got Robin and Nightwing in the last, I think a physical appearance by Oracle and maybe the Birds of Prey wouldn't be uncalled for. Whether we'll get that in this prequel, or have to wait for the legit part 3 is yet to be seen.

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