In Other Doctor Who News, Here Is A Cartoon That Doesn't Exist

Doctor Who and animation seem like they'd go together in fine fashion, but I've never been especially fond of the attempts to bring them together thus far. The Infinite Quest and Dreamland aren't my favourite things ever, partly because of the animation, but mostly because I don't think they are very good episodes of the show. I have enjoyed the Doctor Who Restoration Team's inclusion of animated episodes of lost episodes, if only because its the one way we're ever going to see those episodes again, and I deeply appreciate that.

Dan Norton (Thundercats) apparently thought that the world of animation was a good place for the Doctor too, as he and the BBC had several discussions at some point about developing an animated series, which would have "touched on all the versions and filled in some gaps" of the Doctor, starting with the 1st.

I'm not at all a fan of the anime style of animation in general (I am a devout appreciator of the "western" style), and the obvious anime influences are a little off putting to me, especially in the Cyberman designs. And a lot would have depended on the voice acting talent, which if it were a licensed BBC production I can't imagine they would have skimped on. But it is all for nought, as the BBC passed on the pitch, not wanting "to distract from production of the TV show." I can understand and do appreciate that logic, it was the reason that the Scream of the Shalka was the only of that continuity. But some day, maybe, it'd be nice to see a proper animated adventure of the Doctor's.

Maybe in the Archer cell-shaded style. That'd be a flattering style.

More of his designs, includes sketches for each of the 11 Doctors, are included after the jump.

10 and 11
Seven, Eight, and Six

Two, Five, Four, Nine and Three

In order

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