Lionsgate's Logo Flounders Out Of The... Well, Gate

As a cinephile, I've seen a lot of movie logos. And I'm a fan, as I've mentioned once or twice before. So, it's exciting when a company releases a new or updated version of their brand. It's even more exciting when the company does so to announce their transition into a major production studio, as Lionsgate have recently done. The previous Lionsgate logo, which consisted of pulling out of a gear works to reveal a set of literal lion gates, opening into a heavenly cloudscape, has been a favourite of mine of some time. So it is a little disappointing that they abandoned the gears entirely, in favour of a more derivative, but "larger concept" animation.

CEO Jon Feltheimer said, "our new logo reflects the limitless opportunities we see in our future." Unfortunately, it comes off as bland and uninspired. Opening on the world calls to mind the iconic Universal Studios, and the tilt of the galactic plane reminds too much of Relativity Media's own animation. A company should want to strive for unique brand recognition, and the gears gave them that. All this logo does is bring to mind other companies. They get points for including their original Leo Constellation pattern in the stars just before the words appear, but the first few times I thought it was a horse, which again brings to mind TriStar (whose 1980's spiel is inexplicably one of my all time favourites). Also, the presence of the clouds made sense in the old logo, as the gates were opening into the sky. Here, after pulling out of space, they are just confusing. And the music, while big and orchestral, is lifeless and unmemorable.

My verdict, they can do better, and the sooner they figure that out, and maybe return to the gear motif in some way, the better for them.

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