[List] - How To Get Punched In Harlan County, Brought To You By Justified Season 4

Another season has come and gone, and Justified once again leaves us alone with a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, nursing our wounds, and making us suspect everyone we only barely know might actually be a death-faking former mob drug runner.

But, like all seasons of Justified, we learned something along the way. Last year we learned exactly how to survive in the crime ridden community of Harlan County, Kentucky. This year, we learned never to move the body, cause that's how you get caught. He learned that Theo Tonin has ears everywhere, literally. We learned not to trust either born-again hookers, or drug tweaking former Army buddies. And we learned something not quite as life threatening, but no less important: how to get punched.

Cause its no use trying to avoid it. Just know how to take it.

Hit the jump for the list, the fists, and all the broken noses. Browser warning, it is gif heavy, and contains spoilers for all of season four of Justified.

With A Feathered Touch
Whenever possible, disarm the situation with as little physical violence as possible. A push can be just as effective as a punch in the right situation.

With A Shove In The Right Direction
Escelation is however to be expected.

With A Baton
 Just cause someone is smaller then you doesn't mean they can't take you out with the appropriate application of force.

Quickly and Easily
Sometimes, you just have to lie down and take what you're getting. Afterwards, wear it with pride.

With A Bean Bag
Just don't always expect others to play fair.

It's always best to know when you are beaten, especailly when you are getting beaten.

And Aggressively
At a certain point though, you've got to learn your lesson.

With A Bit Of Lip

Back talk never helped anyone. Or to put it another way,

Thank you, Art.

With A Bullet

Sometimes, a fist just won't get the job done.

 All gifs via Uproxx.
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